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On the Doorstep

Mouton Village

A short peaceful walk through the local village gives a snapshot of French village life.


Église Saint-Martial de Mouton

The beautiful historic church in the centre of Mouton village.

The Lavoir

See the old stones where the locals used to come to wash clothes at the lavoir.

Le Son-Sonnette

Translated as "the sound of little bells", this local stream is a picturesque stop when in the village.

Long Walks, Short Drives

The Local Area

Nearby there are numerous scenic walks to reveal some hidden spots.

Église Saint-Denis de Lichères

A walk towards Lichères and you'll stumble upon another beautiful historic church. Nearby a map gives a suggestion of a great 8km cycling route.

Lichères River Crossing

Continue your walk, following Le Son-Sonnette and there's a great picnic spot where you can cross the river.


The nearest town, Mansle is a five minute drive away. Visit the Super-U Supermarket for all your supplies, plus an ATM and Pharmacy nearby.


The Charente Region and Beyond

Discovering this area of France is never-ending, but our here are some of our favourites.


The grounds of the Château de Verteuil are charming, with a beautiful water mill situated below the castle.

Auberge du Cheval Blanc, Luxé

One of our favourite hidden local restaurants, this is a short drive away in the town of Luxé. Don't forget to try the Tarte Aux Pommes for desert.

Île de Ré

A 2.5 hour drive west will take you through La Rochelle and to the scenic island of Île de Ré and the port towns of St Martin de Ré and La Flotte.


An hour's drive west and you can enjoy the home of the classic French liqueur and distilleries or rent a boat to cruise down the river Charente.


Just under two hours drive south, this is a must for wine lovers, with numerous wine tours available and numerous châteaux to stay at or visit.

The Dordogne

Follow the majestic Dordogne River as it reveals a whole new area of France to explore including farmers markets in Périgueux and the picture postcard town of Sarlat-la-Canéda.

The Loire Valley

The Loire Valley spans from Saint Nazaire in the East to Orléans in the West, with a enchanting array of châteaux, villages and vineyards throughout to explore.

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